Kairn is the head of the Historical & Cultural Research Department at the University in the town of Moraelin.


Kairn has studied ancient history and elvish lore for much of his life although he has rarely had the opportunity or the need to leave the University’s walls. He has recently been appointed as the head of the Historical and Cultural Studies college and is eager to dig back into several keys eras of Caradia’s history that he feels have been overlooked, both literally and figuratively. This most recent initiative of commissioning adventurers en masse was his project and he has worked tirelessly over the past year or so obtaining the permission and the grant money to enable this endeavor. Many of the other professor’s at the college fought against this plan, believing that an average adventuring party is composed of nothing more than common thugs dressed up and given pretty names. They don’t believe that such rabble could ever be interested in anything more than coin and many of them fear that such a mercenary effort will result only in significant damage to ancient sites, rather than the preservation and study of such locales which is the college’s chief goal.


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