Caradia is a land much ravaged by war. Several millenia ago the lands were all united under one banner and under the iron fist of the Arkhosian Empire, there was a relative peace between the many peoples of Caradia. The region of Bael Turoth rebelled though and with that uprising the empire was shattered and the realm was divided into numerous small kingdoms. Rivalries and border disputes amongst those nations were frequent and often bloody until the rise of the Galdanian Empire approximately 1,500 years ago. That empire also fell however, as they all eventually do, fractured from within by internal squabbling and political power struggles. The land has existed these last several centuries as a group of independent city states, each looking to their own personal interests and trying to avoid the global aspirations that have devastated the land in the past. Trade exists between the various cities and the land is fairly prosperous, although banditry and the dangers of the wild still plague the regions outside of the individual cities’ borders.